Sunday, August 12, 2007

rosie's art

rosie likes what i like to call "cupcake art"...."hello kitty" is now a sexy image instead of a 6 year old little girl thing. she loves rainbow colors which appear everywhere - tops, her shoe laces, bracelets, back-to-school stuff. also big are large bows in the hair, either ribbons or big plastic bow clips that she wore as young bambina. i used to use caro syrup to keep them in place.
in fact, everything she liked as a baby is coming back but in an alarmingly sexy way. i can't stop her growing up. BUT, any of you out there that get the idea she is of age to date --- just remember (see previoous post in june "be careful what you wish for...": we have the mob watching over her--day and night, plus a ferocious doberman and a mean pretty kitty..

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