Wednesday, August 1, 2007

"paintover" kit

Shelly Blizard helped me create this brand new product - a collage kit line for the "paintover" technique I
developed. I will be teaching this technique at Artfest 2008.
This first package is called "Ruby's Travels". (Look for other themes coming soon.)
In each kit there are 3 different copyrighted images and one copy of each image (copies are for practise). These sheets are prepared with special "paintover" ink on a speciall designedy paper for "paintovers". -and it is acid free.
Also in each package is an instruction page.
the kit is $16.00, plus tax, handling.
i have packed this brand new line in my suitcase ready for my travels tomorrow to NC for the public TV mixed media demo I will be doing.
also see previous post (June) "another version of ruby in a convertible".

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CindyB said...

I love your paintover technique.

How can I purchase one of these kits? Are they available online?


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