Thursday, August 9, 2007

oh, my poor feet

yep, thats what i complained about to my really hot doctor today. i went to the doctor to review tests. one test was (believe it or not)the report from an ultrasound of my spleen. (see early post about he spleen) about time they looked into that. its okay, thank goodness. my test said my spleen was "unremarkable". humph, unremarkable----shows what they know - my spleen has been pimped out. why didn't my test show that?
anyway, my feet hurt - he looked them over - hubbahubba. hubba.
turns out i need better arch support --- how unsexy is that?
damn i just bought gem studded "rainbow" flipflops. he said they were nice but i still need arch support. and, uh, darn it, a diet.......boohoo.

he still had to examine my feet - dear heavenly god, that was sweeeeet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, If you want a GREAT foot massage...I should send you the name of my foot specialist. He has a very nice touch. Too bad he's in Ramona. : )

lisa bebi said...

oooooh baby - i like my feet worked over, er, rubbed pleaseswend me his name ASAP.

Anonymous said...

hi lisa, I sent his info to your address. hope you like him!!

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