Wednesday, August 8, 2007

my head spins

i got a ton done today thanks to kathy olsen- that's always nice. i now have my show hanging at escondido arts partnership about 11 paintings hanging. thank you kathy for helping me so much. i have about 15 paintings hanging at adams ave. grill (thanks again kathy, tom, bryan and stephanie, oh and judy pike for inviting me in the first place)and as always i have some hanging at memories in the making (new studio i share with toni torgensen)in la mesa and some more in my studio in escondido (with joan irving and rene richetts). that's a lot of paintings, plus about 15 unfinished ones in my house (with gastone, rosie , denpsey and pretty kitty).
i taught the kidlets this morning at san diego art department. my daughter rosie came along today (she took a rest from the beach) and collaged with us. it was fun. we actually did artist trading cards (ATCs) and traded them with one another. the kids were very responsive to doing this, i must admit, i didn't know if they would be. many of them said they knew all about this ATC business as their moms do it. interesting.
if you don't kow what an ATC is - it is a piece of original art the size of a baseball card that is traded, not sold. its fun. in the class i assigned who traded with whom...that way they could ask that person what they liked. on the backs they write to: and from: and then sign their names.

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