Tuesday, August 7, 2007

my daughter is so cute!!!!

this is my daughter brooke----isn't she a cute reporter with little pigtails--- hey, look, she is getting a story for CBS, i think, of the zombiewalk that took place last month (see previous post "bad mom") in balboa park.
i'm so glad she isn't a zombie, i must confess. but, actually, she's far from it because she is too much of a live wire!!! but of course zombies are very fun. and cute too, in their own way.
i'm thinking this over, but i don't think we have any zombies in the family. not even a distant uncle or pet. the closest person in my family to be a zombie would be........., well, my husband and me after we have had lots of tequila. we become paralyzed, but the NEED to do this drinking is usually preceded by spinning desire to escape the craziness and wildness of our non-zombie kids.

ok, ok, its not them, sometimes, we just feel like having a tequila sunrise.

anoher tequila sunrise (i have been watching too much "singing bee")

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