Sunday, August 26, 2007

my brother, puffed out

this is a little collage of my brother danny, about 1956 at mission beach. his image didn't come up too well. i'm sorry.
those were great days. and it sure was fun having picnics under the umbrella all day listening to the waves, playing in the sand with a small pail and shovel, coppertone smell mixed with seaweed and salt. in those days we weren't too burdened by seagulls, i suppose there was not a lot of trash on the beach, not like later when the beach-going populace started to increase. those days the beaches weren't raked and maintained like now either. lots of bulbous seaweed for us to pop. (sigh) i miss my youth.

OMG! i am quite sure that i am going to have awful NIGHTMARES tonight. as i was opening up the computer to write a minute ago, with happy thoughts in my head, i was blindsided by the horrible headline on AOL news that there is a new discovery of a TREMENDOUS HUGE hole in the universe. shit. thats fricken scary...just when i was thinking things were running relatively smoothly in my life; now this monster problem. our property value will decrease, no doubt.
and do you think this scientist is trying to be alarming when he said this....?:
"This is 1,000 times the volume of what we sort of expected to see in terms of a typical void."
i feel like running around outside in my knickers (again) and yelling "the sky is defective; it has a gigantic hole in it. the sky has a BIG ASS hole in it." (not bigasshole, that's one of my neighbors across the street).

its pretty dark out there. i will probably wind up in the pool.

well hell, i guess i just can't take news of flaws in the universe very well.

i need to calm down, maybe i will read myself to sleep. i'm reading augusten burroughs and his happy little gay life tales in "possible side effects". that should make things all better. i shall read about his mishaps with his cute little doggie named "catcat"...

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