Wednesday, August 29, 2007

just think happy thoughts

i'm in a kinda bad mood. it is still so very, very hot, i can't really stand it. today was my husband's birthday and i was looking forward to having a nice evening with him - i bought him an expense bottle of Bordeaux (over $100) which i was selfishly hoping to share with him. but this heat ruined everything. i had the air conditioner on nearly all day to make the house comfortable so that i could clean a bit (just got a new vacuum) and then cook a meal to pair flavors with the wine....
BUT the heat is so permeating and oppressive the air conditioner made no difference. sure it was a bit cooler, but not enough to cook.

often we celebrate birthdays on weekends - so, i as a backup plan, i began looking forward to this ---until the weatherman tonight predicted the weather will stay this way throughout the labor day weekend. I HATE GLOBAL WARMING...its ruining our Bordeaux drinking.

i got both the wine and the vacuum from costco yesterday. the vacuum is a cheaper version of the claims to not lose suction.....i test drove it a bit today (and, kathy came over and did more testing of it than i would have done even on a cool day. kathy vacuumed so much, i couldn't stop sweating..... explain that!!). anyway, both kathy and i agreed, the vacuum isn't that good. it might not lose suction --BUT, that's only because it hasn't any. it just didn't pick up like it should. i used to have an electrolux until i killed it. then i got another one - killed it too. and so on, for several generations of them. then i bought a small but powerful hepa vacuum from costco last year. it was pretty good, but it refuses to come out of the closet now- it bit the dust too(get it? - dust-).
the only thing i can say in this new vacuum cleaner's defense.... is that at one point, kathy was trying to vacuum up dried and aged paint that's stuck firmly into our carpet. (like i say about kathy, she is a really good sport). anyway, nothing would have worked on that paint. i tried cutting that out with an exacto blade before - and it is still there.
i also have a few bleach spills from many other experiments in art making. at the end of the day, i was ready to throw out the house and buy a new one. but if that wwere to actually happen.....i think the new one would have to be located in the Arctic, so that maybe THEN, i could cook and drink Bordeaux.


Anonymous said...

...that's the name of my new band...Lisa and the vacuum killers.
whadda ya think?

Anonymous said...

You gotta get a ORECK vaccum. The best, and free yearly service! Get into that pool...

stephanie t. said...

Hot here too (San Jose)...It never fails: The first day of school and temps hit 100degrees in the shade. Miserable! Frustrating!Worse when you're older (like me! LOL)

Laughing hysterically at the swim 3 girls are swimmers, the oldest was in water polo in college. Man! Can SHE tell stories!!
Forget the vacuuming, forget trying to cook...Take that awesome vino and hit the beach!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie's advice is the BEST!!!
maybe pick up another bottle!! hic.

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