Friday, August 31, 2007

family vintage

i have been asked the same questions many times and i keep forgetting to address them:
what size are the pieces i show on my blog? and are they for sale? the answer is, the size varies.... this piece (a commissioned piece, therefore sold) is about 9" x 12" on cradled birchwood. it is a collage with some staining and paint included. this is what i call my "vintage look".

my paintings range from 8" x 10" to 36" x 48". for the most part, the ones i have shown are all sold.
however, i have just completed over 50 new large paintings. once i get them all photoed, i will show them here and include size and status details.


kathy and i have a road trip tomorrow morning. we will drive up to escondido to take down my show at the escondido arts partnership. it will be about 106 degrees by mid day, so we will leave for escondido early in the morning. then we will probably hit a couple of art, stamp and scrapbooking stores on our way back. and starbucks. we have similar taste when it comes to shopping.

KATHY is an interesting person. she is one of my favorite friends and certainly the most incredible. Kathy does more than just keep track of my calendar, she shops for my wardrobe too. she is on a campaign to improve my personal appearance and image. she does this because she likes me, but mostly because she can see the need. but it isn't because she has nothing better to do.
KATHY and her husband Scott Olsen have been the recipients of the Steven J. Sharp Public Service Award, American Trial Lawyers Association. The Consumer Hall of Fame Award, Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, Consumer Civil Rights Award, Consumer Attorneys of California.

Kathy is an active consumer spokesperson and advocate for the Foundation For Taxpayers and Consumers Rights, concerning California and National Health Care issues. She has been to Washington DC many times, rode around on a bus with Ralph Nadar, met the ppresident, held private audience with Diane Feinstein concerning medical malpractice awards and caps. And she has been very effective.
want to know the reason kathy is involved in Medical malpractice? why is she such a consumer activist? you can read about her personal life here:
after you read this, you will then be just as amazed as me - that she can find time to tell me, like she did today..."ok, lisa, tomorrow is "take down" day at escondido arts partnership."


Anonymous said...

Have you ever made passionate love to Kathy?

lisa bebi said...

what the hell?????
sounds like i might, does it?

NOOO kathy is a great friend and wonderful person.


Anonymous said...

just so there is no confusion, that wasn't from anonymous in Ramona!!

TDA said...

And...Kathy does sound like a wonderful person and friend!!

lisa bebi said...

no fear ramona, i know your style and you aren't the idiot i'm referring to.

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