Wednesday, August 15, 2007

ahem, aaaaaHEM, choke!

i had my interview this morning with Rice Zachery-Freeman...she is a good sport...the interview was about 2 hours and i hoarse-talked and choked and coughed through it - but i didn't stop talking....know why? because i was talking about me!
turns out, i really like Rice too (as well as me!!!) (there are two little dots above the "e" in Rice but i don't know how to type that). she has a blog that is a very good read....and fun. here's her stuff: - see for yourself. also she has a new book out - just today, actually, at barnes and noble and other like places.
really cool.
later today i briefly talked to rene richetts (we share a studio in escondido with joan irving) about doing a workshop in February in paris! paris, france. i told my assistant kathy olsen...she wanted me to make it clear is wasn't perris, california -near riverside. no, kathy, i'll make sure people know this will be in in paris--- the one is near the eiffel tower. in France. near England. another possible destination next year as i have folk in England. I'm thinking the Cotswold's. that would be the perfect place --- like a chocolate box - May is a great month for it -a lovely time of year to be in england, that's when the flower burst into bloom and choke the landscape. beautiful. theres lots of farm animals in the cotswolds, cows, pigs, hens, ducks, sheep....and sheep...sheeeeeeep. sheeepeezzzzzzzzz uh-o i better go to bed now. i'm starting to count sheepzzzzzzzzzz

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