Saturday, July 14, 2007

this morning.....

i woke up giggling uncontrollably. my husband was already up and on the computer - he was wondering what i could possibly be laughing about as i awoke. i waved him off as i ran past him to the toilet. (it isn't a good idea to wake up after a full nights sleep giggling as far as bladders are concern, but i digress). i tried to stifle my laugher but it only blow through my lips like an elephant on a whoopie cushion. i tired to say, "oh only something i was thinking about that kathy and i did..." pppppffffahahahahaha. my husband is a dignified man, these things would never be funny to him. hhhhhmhmhmha. he only said that i must have had a fun time....
i went downstairs to get a cup of coffee and my 12 year was on her computer.."what's so funny...?" i waved her off too. hmhmhmmmhhma then i hear, "jeez", then "momma you're being annoying, you know it isn't funny to people who don't know what you are laughing about".
ppppppffffhahahahahhaaaahooooooo - oh boy hmmmmmmmmmmmffahahahahaha, oh dear, (dab eyes dry), pahahaha. ah-HAHAHAHAHAHA sorry again. (snort) (snort) (snort - blahaha)
ok what had tickled me so much was this: hmmmmmmmha
when i was waking up this morning the first thing that popped into my head was a visual of the photo i posted last night of me at the NY show in my frumpy dress looking like a stranded mrs. puff (see, spongebab square pants, mrs. puff is spongebob's driving teacher and she is a blowfish - whenever he wrecks the car she blows up and floats away). hhhhhhhhuuummmmmhahahaha, oh sorry.heeha
anyway, i was thinking about how it must look to you readers. hmmm after all the red, white and blue outfit complaining (hiccups, now) and masterful efforts by valorie at distinctions dress shop (sorry valerie, i didn't wear that outfit) and kathy's help and also, i'm sorry i can't mention the many names of those helpful people who wrote to me in private about combination-color-combining-dressing-and-practicalities ....hhhhuuuummm, fahahahaha, i ended up in a very roomy sized 2X or 3X dress that kathy had brought for me ("just in case....")....hhhhhhuuummmhahaha. i decided to go with that dress the very last hour before leaving for the gala because the weather was so hot and humid....
so, i decided i should go for "roomy" instead of tailored. then i had an epithamy, i could really fancy up the roomy dress with a nice pair of high heeled shoes at hippo shoes (see earlier post)hahahha - sigh. by the time i reached the gala, i had wrecked my feet in these pointy toed high heeled shoes and was walking like a forward leaning zombie (i'm not sure why i had to walk with my arms out in front of me, though)
i was so hot because of the walk from the cab to the building. (the humidity was outrageous) that i was sweating like iced tea on a summer sunday .....
and, it was very crowded and noisy at the show. this made me feel even hotter. thankfully, there was this large industrial strength sized fan on the floor where i was standing.mmmmmhahahahammmm i tilted it up my dress. AHAHHAHAhahahahahahahahahahaha. giggle, hiccup. and, stood like that all night. whoooowhoooohahahaha. i was mrs. puff after the car accident.
i think i might have frightened off the french prince who was there and, probably french marque as well. hahahahaha
ahhhh, heavy sigh.
that laugh felt good.

i'm sorry for this silliness. the NY show was a very big deal, seriously. i think that now that i am home, i might suffering from having those pesky after-stressful-event giggles. fffffahahmmmmmmmmahhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmaha.
ahahahahaahha (snort) hahahahahaha

ok, i'm done. hiccup. sniff.

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