Tuesday, July 17, 2007


the producers for cutters production and "paint, paper and craft" (PPC) tv show said that i may push my product when i appear as a guest on their national TV show. (taping is august 3). man,. that's great news. i just got this gig last week.

so today i called my trusty print and production man named dan. dan is my man. dan mashburn of letter and print (or it could be print and letter) in san diego near USD. i have known dan since our little girls were best friends in preschool. they are now thinking about boys and about to enter in 8th grade. time flies.
But anyway, dan, the man, and i talked on the phone today.

"dan, i will be appearing on national televison in a few weeks and they asked me if i had a product to push, and i don't...but i was thinking of inventing one. what do you think?"
"that sounds great, lisa, what do you have in mind, uhm, but keep in mind i leave on my vacation to africa next week...uhm, tell me your specs."
"well, dan, here is the problem, i don't have any specs or for that matter ideas"
"lisa, that's still no problem, why don't you give it some thought and email me tonight some specs and i will see what i can do in a week. of course, i might mention, i don't have an entire week to work on this because i have a few errands to run before i leave and also i will have to pack...."
"OK dan, i will think it over and when i have thought of something i will email you specs and see what you can do...."

"that sounds good, lisa. i think ew can probably come up with something. hey, it is always good hearing from you. and i want to say, we are all very proud of your art success."

"thank you dan. hey dan, you're my man. say hi to the family. don't worry i will get those specs to you....."

"yeah, don't forget to email them to me tonight..."

"ok - will do"
dang. anyone have any ideas?


fredg said...

I'd push something that viewers can grasp easily, maybe call it "Americana modern" or some other easily understood name that conveys your style with a tie to something sort of historical. People relate to and can undertand paintings and collage of people so go that route so the viewer can understand what the art is about and they're only guess work or unknown will center on who the people in the art are and what their relationship is to you. I'd use lot's of bright warm colors cause they display well on tv. That's my two cents but I've got a lot more spare change so if none of this appeals we'll come up with something else.

lisa bebi said...

i think you are right on the money. i will do that exact thing. i had toyed with a more modern figurative style, but why change now.

how hot is it in maryland?

new york was suffocating.

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