Sunday, July 29, 2007

blog writing

i have been asked - how do you have time to write a blog?
actually, writing the blog has given me more time. i used to email my friends and family. each one would turn into a story. and they would respond and then i would reply...well, you know how it is.
i guess i love to tell stories. i find it hard to limit my storytelling. there are so many noteworthy things that happen in a day.
like, today was the final day of the jr. olympics. (rosie didn't make finals - but did her personal best in most events). the swim scene is tough.
the JO's go on all day long. prelims, 2 hour lunch break, finals, relays. everyday we have been getting home in the evening, while our children swim only one or 2 events a day. so we parents need ways to entertain ourselves. usually we sit around and tell jokes, swap stories - at times the converstations to places you would never tell even your closest friends. or hairdresser. i'm usually the one who blurts out things that gives the laughter pause. and.... then.... laughs errupts again as i realize what i have just said. (god help me for the TV gig). i was going to write today about the parents-bored-at-swim-meets story, but, honestly, it goes on too long. but for those parents who wanted to know - hey, you writing this in your blog tonight? i say this - yes. i just did. i can't help it, you guys, you're going to have to start your own blogs. i need to go to bed.
and to kathy, who warned me not to get sunburned because it will look bad on TV. uhm, too late.
this piece is entitled "dreamer".

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