Wednesday, July 4, 2007

danny's wagon

this painting of my brother is showing in new york right now. (per cousin fred's request). ah jeez, there is a bit of a glare on the left side of this picture. note to self: better improve on digital shots. its hard to get all the things pulled together when you're an artist - so many facets to the profession. lots of expensives, if your not careful. not only are you an artist (coming up with something to create, fighting with yourself over what you have created or not and endless internal struggles), but you have to self promote which means, checking daily for places to submit your work, must have CD of images sometimes slides made, transporting the paintings, entry fees for juried shows, hobnobbing. hobnobbing with the right people. its no good to hobnob with bums, i.e. other artists who only want to steal your style. having a website, blog, and maintaining them. teaching and demonstrating is good. bz cards, postcards, artist statement. keeping paintings from being damaged. new pieces constantly reinventing yourself without being all over the place. and on top of all that maintaining a family and the home. ok, i think i will go back to bed now.

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