Friday, July 27, 2007


my young daughter, rosie, swam in the junior olympics today. she did very well in her 100 breatstoke taking off almost 5 seconds from her best time and finishing 6th in the finals (she was seeded 8th). her time was 1:27, long course, in case there are other swimmers reading this.
she has 2 more days of events. The Junior Olympics is a very big deal, there are 2 such meets a year, short course and long course.....she as been working out 2 hours a day/ 5 days a week for 6 years. she is pretty dang fit.
anyway, i told her i would take her to the simpson's movie this evening as an "atta girl" treat , which i did. while standing in the long line waiting to get in i began talking to the man with his small son behind me. seemed nice enough. later, at the popcorn line he was behind me again! i had noticed on his tshirt "familia" boxing gym. turns out, he owns it with his dad. his dad was a world champion light weight. he asked me what i i showed him my business card. my business card depicts my paintings all over it, including the boxing paintings i had made for my husband. he was delighted to see them. it was nice to meet someone who appreciates the subject matter. anyway, he said he would contact me to paint his dad from the 1950's matches. thats pretty cool.
this painting is of a jack johnson in 1909 - summer -in australia, i think. notice the gloves were a lot smaller then, notice also that jack johnson was a lot bigger than his opponent, that's because it was before "weight-ins". i don't know why the defender has on a bow around his waist....
the skin-tight shorts gets noticed whenever i show this piece - i can't help that that is the way they wore 'em....jeesha.

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