Saturday, July 7, 2007


i love my brookie. she is a special special person. usually happy, very witty, smart, warm and has a big heart......but she has one thing that does her in........every time. every single time! lack of sleep. it totally changes her personality. once she gets behind in sleep, it goes into a spiral downward. that's because then she gets upset over things that normally wouldn't upset her and when that starts, guess what? she can't sleep. she gets more and more wound up. so, finally it stops, but not until she crashes which could be days later because she is physically strong with a ton of staminga.

meanwhile she says and does things she wouldn't normally do.

i know this syndrome very well because afterall she is my daughter, but also, i am prone to the same damn thing. when this happens to me, i recognize it in myself and take a half of a sleeping pill that night at bedtime. she doesn't believe in them.

but poor little brookie, when she was a little girl, i would just put her to bed when i noticed she was starting to tailspin. i would rock her and sing her a soothing song and tell her it was OK to "shut your pretty little (giant) peepers" which were staring up at me while burning a hole in my face. then i would whisper little stories about made-up characters who were on some very exhausting mission and with the story ending with them finding a soft warm place to lay their heads and the dark night would caress them and keep them safe.
this usually worked as she always loved stories.
i think her job might be responsible for some of her sleeplessness these days. or maybe the dog. could be her age.
its harder now that she is a grown woman. she doesn't really like to climb in my lap in the rocking chair anymore, she's a much better story teller than me now too. but i think i should still have some authority when it is time to tell her .."go on to sleep now, sweetie, and shut your pretty little (giant) peepers", if need be. after all i am brooke's mothership.
so to you, brooke, sweetie, don't worry about anything, its late you need to shut your pretty little peepers and sleep off that outrageous booze party you helped put together on july 4th in malibu. nighty-night sweetie pie. and don't let the bedbugs bite.

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John Doheny said...

Brooke is such a doll.

Is she back from D.C.? I gave her the address of Ben's Chili Bowl so she won't starve there. One advantage of travelling in your work is always knowing where to get good 'bad' food.:-)

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