Thursday, July 26, 2007

amsterdam whitney

people have been asking to see more of the NY show. (you can see more of the reception by log on to
and look at the july event. my pictures aren't posted there....but we were there. it was crowded. (my show is called COUNTERPOINTS of the ARTcetera. it is still going on if you are in the neighborhood.)

so here we are, kathy and me at the big new york gala. we had such fun. can you tell by the photo which one of us drinks? i can....*hic*. can you tell which one of us likes to eat? OK easy question, i would say we are equal partners in that area. can you tell which one of us hates sushi? yeah, its kathy. hahahaha i think that is so funny,....... busts me up everytime i mention it.... since she is japanese.
anyway, this photo was taken right after the ORDEAL to get me dressed, hair combed with my new style of haircut and to get me in pointy-toed shoes bought from (hahaah) hippo shoes (giggle) wearing pantyhose (does anyone ever really wear pantyhose anymore? i mean besides, holdup men.) that all left me walking like the zombie description in other post (see post entitled "this morning"). the ordeal also involved humidity, trouble flagging a taxi and more walking than i had anticipated i those damn shoes.

i found out on this trip that kathy is a very good sport. although she is ultra organized, she was able to "roll-with-it". "it" being me since i find myself employing the "fly-by-the seat-of-my-pants" method of living.

For this picture with kathy, i stood away from the humongous industrial strength floor fan with the ballooning lift it gave my oversized dress. it was very hot for me especially during those unbecoming menopause hotflashes i seem to get whenever i am called upon to present myself, socially.
that floor fan blowing up my dress got funnier as the evening wore on. i enjoyed it anyway. especially with all the expensive free champagne. i know, you can't take me anywhere. (giggle)

i do remember this delightful social faux pas: at one point in the evening, i was talking with a couple of older women art collectors - with perfectly coiffed heads of hair.... and bones - you know, hair sprayed into a helmet, when i decided to discarded my hippos pointy-toed shoes. they said they understood ; they could see i was hurting and standing a bit tipsy.
they were interested in viewing my art, not my feet -although they looked at them anyway.

anyway after viewing my feet, they tried to lean around me and my balloon-dress to look closer at my paintings. i guess i was blocking their view.... (funny thing happens with champagne, i discovered, if someone near me leans to one side to see around me, it makes me lean in the same direction) blahahhaha, that was funny too. once i realized it. (giggle, snicker, snort)
they did get to see my work because kathy helped them and read my bio, etc.

i know, i know, .....i'm so immature. i know this because my jr. high daughter is always hissing that at me.

in spite of all this, the evening was first rate. there had been plenty of interest in my work, my bio was left on a table under my work for people to read about the artist. (er, me) which they did. if i wasn't blocking it. i was asked many times what my inspiration was for these works and why i paint the way i do. and would i please move out of the way.

the best part is this: i didn't have to sell my work; the gallery prices the pieces and sells them. life is much easier this way.

anyway, here is a god-awful picture of me with the beautiful and long-suffering stephanie, kathy's 18 year old daughter. she is pure "sweetie-pie". i think she thought the whole evening was very interesting and entertaining. she was interviewed along with me for the NY TV show "streets of new york" that airs sunday night at 11 NY time on their channel 51.
actually the camera filmed her and my art as i was interviewed off camera.
i really need to work on my personal appearance.....
that is something i have put off for too long.

why couldn't i get these TV spots in the late 1980's when i was fit and trim -a super athlete. ah, well.
i guess the 1980's was a long time ago.
my daughter, brooke keeps saying, you're suppose to look like that, momma, you're a momma. that makes me feel better......a little.
so when i get time, i am going to diet and workout.

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Stephanie said...

wow lisa, that is a bad picture of me..
haha. but it is okay. how is your mac working out?

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