Thursday, July 12, 2007

the big show

what a big night it was. finally, tonight was my big opening at the amsterdam whitney. let me tell you about it:
it was very, very crowded. it was filled with ruthie tucker (the gallery owner) and her husband ambassador amsterdam ( a real ambassador)'s old time friends, collectors and art appreciators and minglers. there were filmers from a saturday morning New York tv show, filming for a show regading the newest art stars in the chelsea art scene. there was good champagne, little edible tibits nicely arranged and lots of red, white and blue was a total gala atomosphere. the place was buzzing.

i think stephanie was the biggest hit...she might eve be on NY t.v. introducing my art. i asked the camera man to please keep the film rolling on her and not me, as my personal image rather sucks. he obliged. he filmed her and panned across my art while i talked about it. thats good.

so, i think it was one of the wildest two hours ever. the new york scene is so very different from the west coast scene. the west coast in my experience, just isn't into the gala pomp and festitiveness. i had a hard time, as you readers know, just gearing toward wearing the red, white and blue outfit. the NY people seem to love to act out the theme - as though they like the theater of the idea.

anyway, tomorrow morning is the back home trip.
let me see it i can upload a picture or two.

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Bryan Harrold said...

How exciting! How's your new macbook pro?
I was inspired by your blog to make my own so know i have one too!

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