Saturday, June 30, 2007

OOOOooohh NNnnoooOO!!!

i just re-read the amsterdam whitney invitation:

holy crap!
it does suggest to wear all three: colors, red, white and blue!!!!
that's the worse thing to have happen..... i will have to turn up in frickin' uncle sam's pants!
totally totally uncool.

totally uncool.

way uncool.

maybe i can get away with wearing, say, just white........... and donning an uncle sam hat! waddya think?


John Doheny said...

In New Orleans, all white is the standard dress code for Voodou 'hounsi' at ceremonies. You could show up all in white with a Haitian 'drapo' worn as a scarf in red and blue, maybe one of the Lwa that represents with those colors. I can't remember which one does, I want to say Erzulie but I think her colors are white and purple.

Anyway, that's what I would do, but I'm a bit of a contrarian.:-)

lisa bebi said...


looks like i will be googling haitian culture and voodoo ceremonies later.
i like to be a contrarian too. maybe it is an artist thing......

or an age thing.

John Doheny said...

You know I was just in New York last week, and my wife Darlene had a print show opening there June 28th. Too bad your shindig wasn't a little earlier. We could have all met for coffee.

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