Wednesday, June 20, 2007

love my kids

ok, ok, this is my oldest child, brooke, (30) she is a sweetie pie. for example i was out tonight at the san diego museum of the living artist to see my son (jamie godley) featured as a poet....but somehow, some way, i managed to drink 6 (six) glasses of wine (small ones)on an empty stomack...brooke here, drove me home, making sure i had something to eat first (a burrito)...she seemed to think i was not capable of driving myself home. she is such a good girl. i think she still has my prius. i really love my kids....
anyway, jamie's poems were very very heart wrenching for me. good thing i was drunk. they were about his birth and his dad's death, and also about his dad's life as a scientist. sometimes i think my son has passed this way before. he seems so much older than 23.
brooke is a very caring can't tell by looking at her here that at one time she beat up a man in paris (a frenchy) because he was rude to her. i say - go on brooke, beat up more frenchies!!!!! she also outwitted monkeys in gibraltar.......i will have to get back to that story in the morning. hic****


Plain Jane said...

oooh. sorry I missed the poetry event last night. It sounds very moving and powerful and fun (SIX glasses of wine!) And isn't Brooke a sweetie pie.

lisa bebi said...

she is....she is a gifted writer -
i think that is how you get there.
she is a reporter for KNX in LA

fredg said...

uh, i wuz just wonderin' if i kud sort of deskize myself and git in touch with yor doter - - the cute young one. Ok, it's ME! Wow, you've got a beautiful family and you have a right to brag and be very, very proud. Now, I can see the tremendous inspiration for your art. So, how 'bout posting more family photos and for pete's sake don't forget to take photos of the art that's going to be in the New York show and post them on this blog, ok?

lisa bebi said... comes NY art.
love, lisa

sleepconvention said...

Hey, you have a studio in Escondido?! Well, whaddya know...I work at Center City and Valley Parkway. Maybe I'll come by when you're around and tell you everything you don't know about your wonderful daughter Kimberly Brooke. ;-) Proof, huh? Well, just ask her who this username belongs to. You're a cool mom!

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