Monday, June 25, 2007

about sweet children...and xmas

here is another painting i did for publication for xmas 2007. this is called "baby ornament". get it?
this baby is my brother, 1951. see what a good and happy baby he was. he is a good guy still and happy most the time, but he was not always so good to me. sometimes he was a brat. i, on the other hand, was always (and still am) the perfect angel. i always made sure my folks remembered that about me or else i threw a big nasty fit. sometimes i had to "tell" on danny too.....just so they always knew he was the one who was bad.
other news...i forgot to mention i didn't really like evan almighty the other day...i liked bruce almighty much better.
also the update on the swim meet, my daughter had a bad meet....her times were all off and the officials disqualified her in two events. oh man, i was glad to be at the other end of the pool both times that happened. although, i still heard her siren blaring at the officials.
the first DQ was bogas...they said she false started. i was watching her carefully and she didn't do that. but the second one, i didn't see - at the far end of the pool on a breast turn, they said she had a non-simultaneous touch. in other words, one hand touched a nano second before the other. i hate to defend her on everything, but i'm beginning to think maybe one arm is longer than the other. what do you do then? if i mention the one long arm theory to her, though, it might not go down so well.....thank goodness for coaches and others to tell your child there is something wrong with them. i don't think coaches nor officials get paid enough. its sometimes kinda like paying a hit man.
my other daughter, brooke, had a bad weekend too. she was doing her job, reporting for KNX in east mid LA - reporting on some riot or other....when she got into it with a few of them off-record. seems they didn't really have proper respect for the "press". she had to remind them that they should respect the "press" because they were nothing but a bunch of ignorant $^%%@#!@% suckers, that should leave the press alone to do their work..... or something like that. seems they still didn't understand her or "get it". in the end, someone threw a cherry bomb at her and caused her temporary hearing loss. she had to go to the doctor. i said, "well, brooke, maybe its time to find a new line of work. this is too dangerous". she said, "ha, are you kidding? this is just getting good!"
i didn't hear from my son, jamie this weekend. i'm thinking it's a good thing.

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