Thursday, August 14, 2008

i'm edgy...

ok, so i have just had surgery and am a bit hard to please right now.  i've been finding that things that generally annoy me are annoying me beyond sanity- to the point where i want to gorge my eyes out with dempsey's paws. 
today, for instance:
i was trying to have a restful day as i didn't sleep well last night.  turns out i have an infection, not in my knee, but in my bladder (TMI, i know), so i was trying to rest this afternoon, and finish reading "lolita" (a disturbing book on many levels, but well written)....
about 3:45p.m. the super charged up leaf blowing gardeners showed up (they usually come on fridays or even more irritatingly, they usually show up wednesday just hours after the pool cleaner does his final sweep, netting the very last of the week's fallen leaves).   

so, what the frick? what are they doing here today?  sure its good that they finally, after 15 years, listened to me and came the day before the pool cleaner guy comes.  but whats up with that?  my husband is never on my side about them....why?  because his mantra is "i told you years ago to fire those over priced illegals."  
ok, first of all, they aren't illegal. well, their boss isn't anyway.
second, why do i have to fire them, i can't fire anyone.  and third:  they aren't really overpriced.   they just charge for extra stuff that they say they do, but, well, i'm never sure.  like, 1.  fertilizer.  i have never once seen them with a bag of anything around our house.  2. repairing the sprinkler system.  i have never seen them do maintenance on the sprinkler system.  all they do is cap off what doesn't work. 3. pesticide.  ha, i thought i caught them on this one as i have never seen bugs, i said, "what bugs? they said, "ah, that's what i mean, baby, you don't see no bugs, cuz we spray."  (they always try to call me by my last name, which comes out baby.) 
see, i think they should be fired for using leaf blowers and playing loud (south of the border) music and coming whenever they feel like coming and never when i ask them to come unless like today, i don't want them to come because i am trying to rest.  gawd.
they started up their very loud leaf blowers, more than one, i would say 3.  they obnoxiously and relentlessly  blow for 45 minutes.  but, they don't just blow, they kind of start-stop, like pedaling an undulating loud roar (reminds me of the way my mom used to apply her brake)is clearly the most irritating sound on the planet. 

the noise had me sooo pent up,  i think today if i felt better i would have ripped their faces off and thrown them in a pile with walmartcarters.....(see previous bitchy post)
  so, i'm trying to read the last few pages of my book when i feel my veins pop out in my temples. (not literally) i am trying so hard NOT to let this affect MY GOOD HUMOR!!.
then my daughter rosie came home from school (remember i'm reading lolita) i call her upstairs to talk to her about her day and make sure she isn't lingering around downstairs unsupervised .....  when she runs in exuberantly, full of 13 year old -just released from school-energy, and flings her whole body heavily atop the bed, which unfortunately for both of us, was where (bent under the cover) was my newly operated on knee. christ*7&(^%^&*$@@?*&%2gawd!
she felt so bad.  it wasn't her fault, i tried to tell her.  i was sobbing, i couldn't help it and she was sobbing and the leaf blowers were drowning it all out.
here's the thing, we don't have that big of a yard that requires a 45 minute  a week blow job. (you know what i mean). and guess what else?  we don't even have leaves, we have palm trees. (except one trees that drops leaves year round in our pool). so what the hell is going on with the noise and the blowers?  they just have it on, strapped over their shoulders, for what?    they do other little chores with the noise going,  like shoveling up dog poo or trimming the roses ( i will get billed for rose fertilizer no doubt).  why do they do it?  i suspect they control me from coming outside to inspect their work.   it works, because oftentimes i just drive off.
anyway, after they left and my knee stopped throbbing and i had my meltdown and rosie had hers.  well, the day started to improve. 
end of daily bitch.


Marilyn Rock said...

I'm glad you got to "blow that out" :) Blogs are great aren't they? Here's to a "blow-free-day" for you! You deserve one!

lisa bebi said...

yeah i have to say --- feels nice to have said all that.

Joy Logan said...

hahahaha omg too funny the blow job! Your blog often cracks me up!

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